Printing House PICTOGRAFIC S.R.L, was created to provide for it's clients, quality services at the best prices on the market  for creating and printing advertising materials. Our designers also put their souls in every graphical template that they create because it's very important for us that our customers to remain satisfied at the end of the project. (oh yeah! - and the pride they feel when they see their creations hanging or distributed in town?) .

   Also we promote and putting into practice the most effective and modern ideas that are always in line with developement trends in graphic design! Our designers have learned to be creative, because this is the most important key of company succes, because a satisfied customer -means a loyal customer - and a loyal cutomer is very important for us and therefore we have for him the most attractive prices and offers!

   We do everithing possible to create advertising  to convey you're message as clearly and as effective. That's why we value the quality and not saving layouts as templates for the creation of "standard". Also our customers receive regulary discounts for Graphic Design and Printing Services. Therefore our company urge 'u: Be effective - spend smart! Don't forget: As always the stingy pay twice.

We can order:


    Banner - under the word "banner" is meant a strip of cloth PVC, on which is printed the advertising graphic design. The banner is used as an effective tool for marketing, and serves to inform the mass population.

     Mesh -is a strip of perforated PVC cloth, its very easy and is commonly used for constructions that are subject to intense action of the wind. Because of the holes, the wind penetrates trough it this way avoiding damages. It's commonly used for open construction.

     ORACAL - is a sticky film on which is printed advertising graphic design. It is used to decorate vehicles, promotional stands, volume letters, decorating glass, showcases and many other uses.

     One Way Vision - is a perforated adhesive tape, which can be seen only from one side. On the side which not allows you to view thru the tape is printed the advertising graphic design. It is usually used to decorate glass showcases of supermarkets, shops, restaurants, etc. and for application on windows of decorated cars.

     Photo - large photographic paper.

     Canvas - the canvas is called, is usually used by painters, and is the base material on which they paint.

 DIGITAL printing - fast printing of advertising materials, it's usually more expensive than offset printing but  execution process is much more faster.

 OFFSET printing - usually used for reproduction of mass advertising. It is slightly cheaper than digital printing but command execution time is 5 -7 days.

 SCREEN printing is the process of printing text or graphics using screen printing forms. These forms allow the paint to fall thru form directly on the printed material. This type of printing can be applied to any type of materials such as: paper, plastic, ceramic, metal, leather, etc.

 Lamination – involves a process of film coating matte/glossy on the advertising material and aims to protect the product of the action of destructive factors.